Easy & Simple Steps for online ticketing on Fear Ticket :

  1. Haunted organizers create free account with just their Name and Email ID.
  2. They login to their fear ticket account with Email ID and Password.
  3. Once logged in they enter organizers, events and tickets information.
  4. Customize their event design and tickets in the system as do it yourself or
  5. Alternatively, they contact us on by email to setup and design their events and tickets by fear ticket team.
  6. They setup own payment gateway account with "Card Connect" or "Authorize.net" for card payment processing
  7. They apply payment settings in the system to receive ticket payment directly into their account
  8. They setup a valid credit card info as default payment method to pay invoiced ticketing Fee on a weekly basis - Every Monday.
  9. Once all above steps are done - they make their event live for online ticketing and start selling tickets!