Ticket Add-on displays under each main ticket on your event page ( It is Event tickets selling page - User end view). Ticket buyers can select add-on to add with main ticket to purchase Add-on as well. Multiple Add-Ons can be added for single ticket.

Now, if the ticket is purchased with Add-On, It displays "Add-On Sticker" (Image) on ticket to identify that It is a Ticket with Add-on purchase.

Important : Keep ready unique Add-on sticker image to upload, Size: 75 x 75 pixel, about 5-10 KB, JPG or PNG format.

It's very easy to add tickets Add-on with any ticket on Fear Ticket, Let's check how to add.


There are two main steps :

Step-1 : Create Add-on in the system

Step-2 : Attach Add-on to tickets


Step-1 :Creating Add-on in the system:

  • Click on "Tickets & Add-on" located under Manage Tickets from event menu
  • Find & Click on "Add Ticket Add-on" button located on the top of this page (Manage Tickets Page)
  • Once cliked it opens "Ticket Add-on" Window
  • In this Window Enter Add-on name, price, message, Upload Add-on image ( 75 x 75 Pixels)
  • Need to "Up sell" this Add-on then check the box "Upselling" that will remind ticket buyer to add it with ticket before checkout
  • Once done click on "Save" button on this window to add it.
  • Created "Add-on" list can be seen with its status and edit option in the same window
  • -Once done, click on "X" sign on top right corner to close this window, add it on 

Step - 2 : Attach Add-on to tickets:

Once "Add-on" is created in the system, its time to attach with any ticket for your event.

  • See all your tickets list on manage tickets page
  • Click on (settings icon) located on extreme right side of each ticket row for any ticket to view hidden ticket options
  • Clicking on(settings icon)setting icon opens new window for ticket options
  • Find "Add-On" listing located at the end of the window, All Add-on displays with "Check Box"
  • To attach one or more Add-on just to "Check Box" to attach it with this ticket.
  • Selected "Add-on" attached with tickets, now close the window

Repeat the Step-1 to create new Add-on in the system & Step-2 to attach Add-on with ticket.

You are done with Adding Add-on to tickets.!