Event organizer can set Attendee information for Each Ticket from the ticket buyer on order page. Attendee Name will be also displayed on printed tickets if set to print attendee info on printed ticket.

- Click on "Order Form" option under Manage Events located on event menu on the left side

- This is Order Form for Attendee Information Page

- See first option as "Decide to receive attendee info" select "Collect information" to collect or "No" for Not to collect.

- Configure list of each Field Names to collect with options 1. Do not collect 2. Collect but not mandatory 3. Collect and Mandatory

- To add own custom field click on "Add Yours"

- In "Add Yours" enter "Label Name" , Select data "Type" & Enter "Default Venue". Click on "Save" to add custom field to list

- Click on "Save" button to save customized order form for attendee information.

- These fields will be available on ticket order page where buyer will enter information.