Temporarily make your event LIVE for user end testing.

Go to event info and click on “MAKE IT LIVE”, once all testing done make it “OFFLINE”


Double check Ticket Price, Service Fee and Order Cart Calculation, Test yourself as a ticket buyer.

Visit your user end event page (ticket selling page) and place a test order like a ticket buyer

Please refer the below image for an example how to check

Select tickets, add quantity, add to cart, check the cart on the right side

Check “Your Cart” for tickets name, Quantity, Service Fee, TAX Amount, subtotal and total

Do calculate to double check each price amount displays on “Your Cart”


Now, for any change refer to below steps

For Ticket Price >

Go to “Tickets & Add-on” located on left side Event Menu to view tickets for any change

For Service Fee > 

Click on (view ticket option) to open new window 

Find “Fees” on this window, select options and enter “Custom Fees” refer to below image


Once done click “X” (Close window) located on the top right corner to close

Click on  button on ticket listing page to save

For TAX on Ticket > (If TAX to collect on ticket)

Go to “Settings” from left side Event Menu, find “Tax Settings” on the right side on this pageRefer to the below image.

Click on “+ADD SALES TAX” and new window will open


Refer to below image, click on radio button to select “Yes”, Now add tax name, value to set tax in %.


Once done click on to save it.

Once see message “Record Saved Successfully”, Click on “X” on the top right to close window.

Once all set, do the test again from your event page and check everything.


Click Next Point > 5.Printed Tickets Information & Design


Previous Point > 3.Venue Address, City & Zip