All set for the event day!

Let's get ready to scan tickets to check-in visitor with Fear Ticket Scanning App.


Important Points before using scanning app :

- Scanning App settings are device specific so scan settings to apply on each device.

- Scanning App works based on selection of tickets you want to scan


Once app is installed on your mobile device - like on iPhone. Follow the below steps to start using scanning app :

- Tap "FearTicket Scanner" app icon to open app

- Login with your email ID and Password (use the same credentials as on main fear ticket system)

- Logged in successfully, Then default will land on "Event Listing" page, also may search event by name on this page as shown in below image

- Tap on "Event Name" to select an event for tickets scan, It takes to "Event Dashboard" for selected event view as shown in below image

- On "Event Dashboard" can seen > Center on the top is a "Selected Event's Name", as shown in above image


- Once an event is selected, There is an event level dashboard page with selected event name on the top.

- App Event Dashboard : Displays sales stats, Scan Stats for this device, Today's Scan Stats etc.

- App Event Dashboard : Footer there are main menu Home, Orders, Check-in & Settings


- Tap on "Settings" icon located on the footer for ticket scan setup for selected event, refer to below image for settings page. Once any date is selected ticket list will be loaded as shown in below image, it is mandatory to select tickets to scan under settings.

-  As shown in above image, tap on "Check Box" to select time slot under ticket name to scan the ticket, now if the ticket is with add-ons then will take it further to add-on listing page as shown in below image

- Follow these steps by selecting another date for tickets scan, once all settings are completed, Tap on "Check-in" icon located at the bottom to go to check-in page as shown in below image

- Tap on "Scanner Icon" located on the top right corner to open ticket scanner to scan the ticket

- Take the "Red Viewfinder" square near to QR code on printed ticket or device screen where tickets are displays and camera will try to adjust to scan ticket QR code, if the ticket is valid it will show status as valid scan as show in below image,

- Now, Tickets with selected add-on will scan in one go and scan status will be as a valid scan for the first time

- If to setup ticket scan and add-on to scan separately by another device by another person then select only add-on to scan on another device for the same ticket. On other device just selected "Add-on" will be scanned.

- Settings are most important part to scan tickets and add-on appropriately

- Now, tap on "Check-in" to view scan report, Primarily there are status for each scan performed Valid Scan, Duplicate Scan, Invalid Scan, 

- For any reason, if scanned ticket to make it as "Invalidate Scan then just "Swipe the ticket line on the left side" to visible "Invalidate Scan" option can make it invalidate to scan it again as shown in below image

Understanding Scan Status Response,

Once ticket scan is performed, There are total 4 scan status as shown in below image those are

Valid Scanned (Green color)

Duplicate Scanned (Orange Color),

Invalidated Scanned Tickets (Blue color). 


             Invalid Scanned (Red Color),

As it shows in above screen on the left side.