Once the app is downloaded and ready to use it for tickets scan for check-in then it is very important to understand the settings part of the app.

So, before scanning "Selects the tickets, add-on, date that you want scan" from settings on your mobile phone. Settings to apply for each mobile handset to use it for ticket scan.

( Scanner shows as "Invalidate ticket" if try to scan any tickets that is not selected to scan )

Open the app and login using user email ID and password

Once logged in it will show the event list. Now select an event for tickets to scan from events list as shown in below image.

Tap on "Settings" icon located on the app footer on right. It will open settings options as shown in below screen.

Based on the tickets setup in your event, App settings menu will display options to select Date, Tickets, Add-on before scanning so that app ticket scanner will only scan selected tickets from settings options.

Now, Let us understand tickets scan settings based on tickets types, setup and schedule

-  Simple General Tickets

- Tickets with Add-ons

- Time Slots Simple Tickets

- Time Slots Tickets with Add-on

- Promotional Tickets or Tickets with discounted price on special days

Let us see one by one settings for above each ticket types options to scan tickets.

Click here for help on  >  Scanning Simple General Tickets