Allow ticket buyer to re-schedule from future schedule (for timed ticketing event type )

Once an event schedule setup with multiple dates and time (Timed Ticketing type) and on any specific date / time event can not be continued then you can cancel that specific time slot or date and allow the ticket buyer who purchased tickets for cancelled time / date's ticket to re-schedule new time / date from future schedule.


Let us see steps to operate this feature :

Click on "Reschedule and Cancel" option from manage ticket menu located on the left side as shown in below image.

Now select option "Reschedule" and click "Next" as shown in below image

Now, It scheduled dates are displays in orange color and once selected it turn in blue color as shown in below image. To cancel date or time slots select the date and time slot as shown in below image.

For an example >

in above image "Sept-29" date is selected tand Time-slots 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM selected to cancel. Once selecting time slots it also pulls the counter for total tickets and attendees scheduled to visit on this date and at this time, Now to export this data can use option "Export to Excel" as shown in above image.

Scroll to see option email notify once date and time slots selected to cancel

Select "Email to " options from >  "To all Attendees" or "Select Specific" 

Next, By-default an email template already there if require you may edit subject and message text the way you want to send email to your ticket buyers  ( Do not remove {{ }} tag OR do not edit text inside any {{ }} tags from below email body.)

Click on  button then you will see the message "Email sent successfully".

System cancels selected time slots and sends notification email with reschedule link to ticket buyer. Ticket buyer will click on the link to reschedule new time and date to update the ticket.

That's it all done as an organizer side, nothing to do anything further.

See how ticket buyer can update new date and time :

Now, Once Ticket Buyer clicks on the link that sent in email it takes to order page to select new date and time and update order with new schedule as shown in below image.

Once ticket buyer clicks on "Submit" system updates new date and time as selected. At the same ticket buyer get updated tickets as PDF attachment on email.  An existing ticket with same QR code updated with new date and time as shown in below tickets images.

Ticket buyer will will get the tickets with updated date & time on it.