Cancel specific event schedule with notification email to ticket buyer :


In a case where schedule need to be cancelled then this feature is useful just to cancel schedule and sending cancellation notification email to those buyers who purchased tickets for the cancelled time / date due to whatever the reason.

( Permanent cancellation to deal with refund process manually on request if applicable as ticket buyers do not have flexibility to select new date and time)


Let us see steps to operate this feature :


Click on "Reschedule and Cancel" option from manage ticket menu located on the left side as shown in below image.

Now select option "Cancellation" and click "Next" as shown in below image

Now, Select the date from the calendar to cancel and then select the time from the time slots as shown below image

For an exampleAs shown in above image, Date to cancel is Sept. 29th and Time 7:00 PM out of multiple time slots list. Once selecting any time slots it shows total tickets and attendees counters that data also can be exported using "Export to Excel" button.

Scroll to see option email notify once date and time slots selected to cancel

Select "Email to " options from >  "To all Attendees" or "Select Specific" 


Next, By-default an email template already there if require you may edit subject and email text the way you want to send email to your ticket buyers  ( Do not remove {{ }} tag OR do not edit text inside any {{ }} tags from the email body.)

Click on  button then you will see the message "Email sent successfully".

System  cancels selected time slots and sends notification email to ticket buyers.


Click here to know about > order cancellation & Refund if Dealing with refund process manually on request.