If Authorize.net is your payment processor then your ticket buyer may receive two transaction emails for successful card payment when they buy tickets online using cards. But one email for "$0" amount in case of declined transaction.

For, Successful Order by card payment - Two emails:

1. Receives an email for "$0.00" (zero) amount - First time when Authorize.net system verify AVS information

2. Receives second email with $real amount transaction only if AVS verification successfully done with "$0" amount

For Unsuccessful or declined transaction one email :

1. Receives an email for "$0.00" (zero) amount - First time when Authorize.net system verify AVS information


Read further to understand the logic scenario :

In some cases transaction gets decline due to few minor inaccurate information like AVS or CVV mismatch for card payments.

Payment processor Authorize.net sends information to card issuance bank where total transaction amount being placed on hold even if it is declined, however the hold amount credit back in 2-3 working days in case of declined.

Card holder misunderstands that the card is being already charged for the total order amount and does not further know what exactly happened, asking questions to event organizers / ticketing support etc.


This creates confusion for your ticket buyers if you you are on authorize.net. In order to avoid the confusion, ticketing system first check the verification response with “$0” amount transaction before it actually proceed for $real amount transaction. 

So, transaction for “$0” amount  goes successfully then only ticketing system sends real information to proceed for $Real Amount transaction to eliminate the $real amount" hold scenario. 

It become very simple to understand that if transaction is declined then system holds "$0 amount" instead of "$real amount". so no surprise for your ticket buyer and may attempt again with correct info to place an order using the same card.

This is how your ticket buyer receives two transaction emails for each successful order using card payment. One email for "$0 Amount" transaction and second email for "$Real Amount transaction. Just one email for "$0 Amount" transaction in case of declined.


System indirectly eliminates many complications to avoid misunderstanding for card type payments.