Enabling Card Payment for Box-Office :

Once an iPad and all required hardware are available then let's go over step by step to make live box-office setup.

Know & setup your default box-office card payment processor at an event level.

Card Connect

Using one merchant account with card connect then it will be auto-enabled to use for Box-Office,


Merchant account with Authorize.net to enter additional information under "Payment Processing" on web admin as shown in below steps.

Apply Card Payment settings on the web :

  • Login to your fear ticket account on the web
  • Click on "Settings" from the top then select "Payment Processing" as shown below

  • On this page you will see your existing payment processors as setup for online card payment
  • if it is card connect account then nothing to do
  • if it is "Authorize.net" account then click on "Edit" from the right side of the list to enter additional information
  • Enter Authorize.net Box-Office payment info as mention on page then click on "Save" button
  • If you prefer to use different payment processor then set it up new from "Payment Processing" page with required information

Setup Event level Default Payment Processor for Box-Office :

  • Select your event then click on "Settings" from event level left side menu as shown below


  • Scroll down setting page further to find "Select Payment Processor" option on right side at the bottom of the page.
  • See existing payment processor list with indication to make default for "Online" or "Box-Office"  as shown in below


  • Click on "Make Default" on each column of "Box-Office" or "Online" or "Both" 
  • Last don't forget to click on "Save" to complete default payment processor at an event level

Creating Box-Office and Check-in Users:

You keep your own admin credential withing you while creating additional users under your organization to manage your ticket sell and check-in attendee. 

Create Box-office user to sell tickets and Check-in User to scan ticket, those can login on FEARTICKET Organizer App. Follow below steps to create users in the system.

  • Login to your fear ticket account on the web
  • Click on "Settings" from the top then select "Users & Permission" as shown below


  • -On   "Create User" page enter an email ID and select role "Check-in" or "POS User" (Box-Office User)and click on "Send Invitation" button as shown in below image.



  • An Invitation email will be sent on this email ID. An email receiver to complete the new user registration process as shown in below email.
  • Ask your new user to check email inbox to complete the sign up process
  • User to click on "Make One" from email as shown in below image to authenticate.

  • Once clicking on "make one" that will take to sign up page to enter an email ID & password to complete the sign up process.
  • System successfully creates new user and that will be added to users list.
  • You may create multiple "Box-Office" and "Check-in" users using an unique email ID to each.
  • Use can login on "FEARTICKET Organizer App" using the email ID and Password to sell or scan tickets