is a Payment Gateway & Know your Payment Processor ? 

To get working "Compatible Card Reader" for Box-office using "FEARTICKET Organizer" iOS App on iPad.

What is a processor?

Think of a processor as a network dedicated to credit card traffic. Authorize.Net connects to a number of these networks, so we need to know the correct one. Only First Data Nashville & TSYS  supports EMV - Chip card reader BBPOS other than these processor supports a dedicated "Mag-stripe" card readers only. (not a dual as chip & magestipe)

So it is good to know about who is your payment processor before ordering any card reader.

Payment Processors with

How to check who is your processor ?

Login to your "" account  

  • Once successfully logged in you will see dashboard.
  • Click on "Account" tab located on on the top right side.
  • Once clicked on it you will see "Settings" page as shown in below screenshot
  • Scroll down this page and find "Security Settings" section to find "Processor" option & click on it as shown below

Once clicked on "Processor" it opens below page where you can read your payment processor name.

So Make sure if your processor is First Data Nashville or  TSYS then only EMV Chip Card Reader BBPOS will be supported.

All other payment processors to use other "Mag-stripe" card readers only, and to get is from Call merchant support for further help.