The Event organizer can set Order Form to Collect Buyer Info, Attendee Info or Questionnaire based on requirements.

- To set the Order Form Click on "Order Form" option under Manage Events section on event menu.

- Once you click on the Order Form, it will open the Order Form Customization Page. 

 *Don’t get confused between Buyer and Attendee.  
Buyer: A person who palace the order for the event. 
Attendee: A individual who will be going to attend the event.

Collect Buyer Info

- You can ask the buyer a question only once when the order is placed. And you can use their information to contact them or for any other purpose. 
- First name, Last name, and Email are mandatory but apart from them, you can add your choice of questions.

To add a question, click on ADD DATA FIELD


- Type question in Name>Select Field Type of your choice>Save 


- For example, Here I asked them about their Contact Number, you can add any question of your choice.
Note - only click required if you want the question to be mandatory.

Collect Attendee Info

- You can collect the attendee information here. Use this option to collect the information of all the attendee of the order. If you want to collect the Name, Age and Date of Birth kind of data of all the attendee you can set these fields from Attendee tab in the Order Form link. 

- The fields you set to collect the information will ask ticket buyer in the multiplication of order quantity. i.e if there are 3 quantity of tickets in the order and you want to collect Name, Age, and DOB of each attendee, these filed will be asked 3 times and if you make it mandatory then the user has to insert same detail 3 times.

To add question> Click on Attendee. 



* only click required if you want the question to be mandatory.

You can also choose the question from the Pre-set Fields. 

*Pre-set Questions cannot be modified. 

Set Questionnaire

FEARTICKET offers you to set the questionnaire for your ticket buyer. You can ask any general question to buyers which give you a little bit more insight into their interest, favorite movies, Fear factor, or anything. These questions will be asked when they placed an Order or after placing a successful order. 


*only click Required if you want the question to be mandatory. 

Question Location
*You can ask the questions on the Order form page or either on the thanks page based on Location selection.

You can also ask the question on basis of ticket and Addon, once you select the Ticket and/or Addon, then the question will appear to only those buyers who have purchased the selected Ticket(s) and/or Addon(s).

 *Only click Restriction if you want to ask the question on a selected Ticket(s) and/or Addon(s).