This article will show you the detailed report of a specific order placed using Box-Office on a particular date/time.

It provides information like total order, total ticket sales (online or offline), payment data like (cash or card), and gross revenue, etc.

1.Login into you FEARTICKET Admin Account 

  Event Dashboard>Reports>Box-Office

2. Select timestamp (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year) to get a Box-office report.

    When you select the particular timestamp it will show you the data of Box-office accordingly.


 Once you select the timestamp make sure to Apply those changes 

3. Breakdown by OR View by (DATE or HOUR) and Go



Break down by: - "It provides the Box-office report data within the selected Date ranges or whatever the timestamp is selected by user"

  When you select the date you will get the Box-office information date wise 

  When you select the hour you will get the box-office information on an hourly basis.

4. Box-Office report is now generated on your display. 


  The graphs represent the highest sales achieve on a specific date with precise information about Revenue, Ticket, and Order.

  Click “+” to know more about Order.

  When you click "+" you will see additional information of a particular order which includes, Device from which the order is placed,        Login user, Total ticket, Mode of payment ( cash/card/card offline/check), and Total.


Click on the "eye" symbol to know about the type of ticket which is sold.

  As soon as you click on the "eye" symbol you will see the ticket types.

  Export the file if you want to save.