This article will help you to get your detailed (Box-office/Online) sales report, including information like Order, Revenue, Service fee, Tax applied, Discount given, Order cancelled, Gross revenue, etc. 

1. Login into you FEARTICKET Admin Account 

   Event Dashboard>Reports>Sales 

2. Select timestamp (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year) to get a sales report.

    When you select the particular timestamp it will show you the sales report accordingly.



  Once you select the timestamp make sure to Apply those changes.

3. Select Selling Point (ONLINE, BOX-OFFICE or BOTH), View by (DATE or HOUR). 

Select a selling point (ALL, ONLINE, BOX-OFFICE) and it will show you the data accordingly. 

4. Breakdown by OR View by (DATE or HOUR) 

On the basis of breakdown selection, the data will be generated accordingly to date wise/hourly basis.

5. GO 


6. Sales report is now generated on your Display. 

    Here you will see the overall statistics of sales generated on the basis of breakdown selection (Online, Box-office, All)

  The graphs represent the sales achieved (Online/Box-office) for the last ten days with precise information about Revenue,  Ticket, and Order.

Here you will see the sales information with a given date including, the Number of total tickets, Total orders, Order amount, Fees, Tax applied, Discount, etc.


Export the file if you want to save.