This article will help to get your detailed discount usage report on a particular order.

The information appear will show you the name of Coupon code, it's usage, Price discounted with a coupon, Revenue, Apply via online or Box-office, Status (active or inactive), Remaining coupons, Applied on (ticket or order), etc.

1. Login into you FEARTICKET Admin Account 

   Event Dashboard>Reports>Discount Usage 

2. Select timestamp (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year) to get a discount usage report.

    When you select the particular timestamp it will show you the data of discount usage accordingly.

Once you select the timestamp make sure to Apply those changes and press GO

3. Discount Usage report is now generated on your display.  

   A. Usage of Coupon Code 

         Here you can see the overall details of your discount usage.


The above pie chart will show you the percentage of the discount coupon that has been already used.  

   B. Usage by Day

        Here you can see the day-wise usage of coupon code with a particular date.


The above bar chart will show you the top ten usage days of coupons with specific date and amount.

 C. Detailed Usage

     Here you can see the detailed usage of coupons on particular orders.

    Export the file if you want to save.