This article will demonstrate how to get detailed reports of your orders to know How many Tickets are sold, Number of the order Placed/Cancelled, Ordered via Online/Box-office. You can search the order of any event under this account.

         Login in to your FEARTICKET Admin Account  

         Settings> Reports (ALL Events)

Here you can see the overall statistics of your each order including your total tickets sold on an event, Number of the order placed/Cancelled, Ordered via Online/Box-office.

You can also shortlist or filter the orders on the basis of their Order number, Order type, Order status, Payment date (Order date/Payment date), Event, By price (amount spend on a specific order), First/last name or via Email. You can fill the information in the required field and it will show you the data accordingly based on your selection.


Type order number select order type (All/Online/Box-office), check status (All status/Complete/Cancelled/In review).


>Select payment date (Order date/Payment date) with hour range to know about the payment made on orders.

>Select event (Single/All Event) 

>Select Price 

*Order date:- Date at which the order is placed by the customer.

 Enter buyer info to get the details of their order. 

  Once you fill-up the required information, click SEARCH. 

  The complete details of orders appear on the screen.

Export the file if you want to save the data.