This article demonstrates how you can send emails to your attendees to convey any important message related to your Event, Schedule, Ticket, etc, or for any urgent matter.

*For marketing purposes like bulk promotion of your event or sending promotional emails to attendees we advised you to use third-party tools.


 1. Login into your FEARTICKET Admin Account.

  Event Dashboard (LEFT SIDE OF PAGE)>Manage Attendees>Email To Attendees

NOTE:- Whatever the data appears on the email page while filling the information is associated with the selected default event.

Type Subject>Email To (select attendees)>Message (Type your message)> Send

You can send an Email To

 1. All Attendees

 2. Attendees By Ticket Types/Dates

 3. Specific Attendees

1. Send Email To All Attendees

Type subject> Message> Send

 2. Send Email To Attendees By Ticket type/ Dates.

Mark checkboxes of Ticket Type and Ticket Date> Type your Message> Send

3. Send Email To specific attendees

>Select Ticket type

>Event Date

>Enter Attendee Email > Search OR Add attendee from below options

To Add ateendee, click on Add Me option

> Close the tab and you will see the Attendee is already added.

> Type the message and send the email.

The below image represents the history emails that are already sent to recipients.