Create a Manual Order:

Under Orders page, at top right there is link to "Create a Manual Order". You can add basic information of users, select tickets & have different payment options to complete Order.

- Payment link for online Card Payment

- Cash

- By Check

- Card Offline (If you charged user by other way of Card Payment)

If you selected Payment link for online Card Payment, user will get payment link & on successfully payment, Order will be confirmed & tickets will be issued.

Edit Order:

Being Admin, you can edit existing order including:

  • Change/Swap tickets
  • Change Date & Time Slot of Ticket
  • Change Ticket Quantity
  • Add new ticket in an existing order
  • Give custom discount
  • add/remove/change the add-ons

Admin can do any changes in existing tickets & have complete control on how you want to adjust the balance amount. You can send payment links to the user to pay an additional amount & new tickets will be issued once payments are done. If refund then either you issue refunds to the original payment mode or change tickets without refund. 
- When you edit the existing Order, a new ticket will be issued & all existing tickets will become void.

- If you are collecting additional attendee informations, those details will be lost in process of edit order.


Let us see how it works :


Click on the "Eyeball icon" from action column of order list as shown in the below image.

And select the edit order

Now you will have the Order Edit page. Here you can change all the order related information like Name, Email, Cell Number, Tickets, Addons, Ticket Schedule Date & time, Quantity.

Once you make any change in the order detail like add ticket or add addon or make change in the schedule, there will be change in the order amount. So, here you have sevaral option to decide, what to do with the amount difference?

You can send payment link to user for additional payment
You can set the Discount Coupon Code.
You can set the custom discount to adjust the order amount.
You can set Misc. Charges in case you want to charge additional amount.
You can change the Tax amount as well.

It will shows you, what is the new order amount and what amount to be paid? In case you do not want to charge difference amount, you can set the $0.00, in this case the order will be updated and new ticket will be issued.

After makeing chagnes, You will have few options to choose like how you want complete the order edit process. Here are few option to choose.

Complete the order process and send the payment link to pay difference amount.

Complete the order by cash.

Complete by Card Offline

Complete by Check