This article will guide you on how to access customer reports for your registered events.

1. Log in to your FEARTICKET Admin Account.

2. Go to Settings > Reports (All Events).

3. Click on the Customers tab to view the comprehensive statistics of customers registered for all your events.

You can also narrow down or filter the customers based on their 

- Name

- Events they are attending

- Price spent on orders

- Visited Date

- State. 

Simply enter the information in the respective fields, and the data will be displayed according to your selection.

4. Once you have filled in the required information, click on the Search button.

5. You will then be presented with a complete customer report.

6. To obtain more details about the orders placed by customers, click on the "eye" symbol. This will reveal information such as the Order number, Amount, Buyer's name, Order type, Order status, Order placement date, and Event name.

If desired, you can export the file to save the data.