Customize ticket design the way you love to scare your potential audience.It is easy to make attractive print ticket design.

( Before customization click "Printed Tickets Graphics & Design" to learn more about)

- Click on "Ticket Design" under Manage Ticket located on left side Event Menu as shown in below image

- On "Ticket Design" select one of the templates (Portrait View / Landscape View) to customize your ticket design

- View added tickets list table on this page, right side of each ticket row find the "Action" option

- Click on the "Edit Ticket Template" icon  to customize the template for a selected ticket, opens a custom design window

-On the Left side of this window see all ticket labels with a check box before each label

- On the right side can see the printed ticket preview on the same window

- Uncheck the box located before each label if not to print it on the ticket

- Check the box located before each label to print on the ticket, can see the live preview on the right side

- To upload the main ticket image with the given dimension Click on "Browse" to add it from your local disk where the main graphic is stored

- To upload a sponsor image with a given dimension Click on "Browse" to add it from your local disk where the sponsor graphic is stored

- Once all is done click on the "Save" button to save your ticket design for a printed ticket

- Can view the printed ticket preview once click on the "Save" button

- Click close "X"  top right on the window going back to the Ticket Design page

- Click on the download icon from "Action" to download the printed ticket in PDF format to see how it looks

- Repeat all the above steps for other tickets