FEARTICKET now supports Boca Printers to print hard tickets. Boca has boon manufacturing high-quality thermal printers which help you print designer tickets.

Supported Models of Boca Printer
FEARTICEKT supports Lemur series thermal printers which are designed to work in multiple environments & purposes like bulk print (Pre-Printed) or print on demand (Box-Office). It is available with a variety of connection interfaces like standard Serial & USB and optional like Ethernet, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.

How to purchase a Boca printer?

To purchase a printer, contact the Boca systems sales agent listed below. Give the reference of "FEARTICKET" while placing an order to get the discount.

Boca System Sales Agent

Name: Louis Kieran Rosner

Contact: 561-206-0137

Email: louis@bocasystems.com

* Share the "FEARTICKET reference with Boca to avail good discount on the listed price. Please reach out to us at below contact details if you have any questions.

Tickets Stock

FEARTICKET currently supports ticket with 2.0" (height) x 5.5" (width). You can order the ticket stock from Boca System itself. The content will be printed with 200dpi on the ticket. You can print tickets with two templates. 1. Ticket with your artwork. 2. Plain Ticket.

Ticket template specifications

FEARTICKET supports two ticket templates for different requirements. 

Ticket with your artwork
Plane Ticket
Design graphical tickets the way you want with plenty of space for your custom artwork. It is always advisable to keep the background of the QR code area white only for a hassle-free ticket scan.
Print plain tickets with colorful hard paper stock.