Enter own SEO meta tags information for event page as best suitable for your event business. 

SEO Meta information help to search event page on search engines Eg. Google, Bing etc.

Entered meta information will be added to page code.

Steps to enter SEO Meta information:

  • Login to your fear ticket account and select event
  • Click on “Settings” from Event Menu located on the left side

  • Scroll the page down till the page you find “Enter SEO meta info” on the right column, as shown in below image.

  • Enter Meta Title > Meta title is your event page title will be displayed on web browser's title.
  • Enter Meta Description > Add best description for your event within 160 character as best suitable for your event
  • Meta Keyword > Optional - Enter keywords, comma separated between two words. May enter up to 5 best keywords
  • Scroll the settings page down, find & click on  button to save information.

Once done,

May check your event page, Press Ctrl + U key to view page source code and find entered meta tags info on source code.