No!,  You can use our in-house Payment gateway system, Hytix Payment Gateway. 

Hytix Payments Benefits

  1. A quick and paperless process to open an account.
  2. No monthly fee to keep your account active. Plus, no hidden fees.
  3. Weekly payout in time.
  4. Highly reliable card swiper with Bluetooth connectivity that accepts all...EMV chip, contactless and swipe payments. 
  5. Advance fraud control with ML & AI.
  6. Greatly minimize the chargeback occurrence AND with a higher winnability ratio.
  7. 3D Secure payment.
  8. It identifies risks and places those orders in review, notifies you immediately, and provides you opportunity to approve/decline the order.
  9. It offers all the latest features with 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. (Standard industry rate). 

In case and your own payment gateway account as well to receive ticketing payment directly into your own account.

You can use one of the following payment gateway accounts to integrate it with the FEARTICKET system in case you want to use your own.

Click to know about supported payment gateway account on FEARTICKET