Once an initial event setup is completed, Tax setup is easy to collect on all ticket sell at an event level.

Once tax value is set in the system it displays tax to collect on cart as shown in below image.

Now, follow below steps to set Tax to collect :

Click on "Settings" from the left side event menu as shown in below image.

Now on setting page find option "Tax Settings" located on the top right side & Click on "+ADD SALES TAX'' button as shown in below image.

Opens "Tax Option" window, now select "Yes" radio button to enter type of "Tax Name" and "Tax Rate" in % then click on SAVE button as shown in below image.

You will see the message "Record saved successfully" then click on "X" on the top right corner to close this window.

Once Tax value is configured,

Test it add tickets to cart to check the tax calculation in "Your Cart" via your ticket selling page, as shown in image on the top here.