This assistance is specifically for integrating your existing merchant account with the "CardConnect" payment gateway.

To begin, make sure you have your Merchant ID, API Key ID, and API Password ready to integrate it with your ticketing system account. You can find these credentials in the email you received from CardConnect or contact CardConnect Merchant Support for further assistance.

Once you are on the "CardConnect" setup form, simply follow the on-screen steps.

First, provide a setup name such as your company or organization name, or something unique to you.

Enter the correct Merchant ID, API Key ID, and API Password as provided by CardConnect.

Select the desired "Currency and Card Types."

Click on "SAVE" to complete the integration.

That's all! You can now proceed to perform a live test transaction by placing an order as a buyer.

Next, you can click on "Integrating Your Merchant Account on Ticketing System" for further help.


CardConnect Help & Support:

Click to access CardConnect online help to set up your CardConnect Admin for your merchant account,  transactions, request refunds, and more.

Call : 877.828.0720 (option 1 > option 1)