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Only Secure & Gateway Compatible Card Swiper / Readers require to receive card payment at Box-Office. 

Currently iOS Box-Office App supports "Card-Connect" and "" payment gateways.


Card Connect Users:

Card Connect BBPOSMagtek uDynamo

Contact Card Connect Support for help >

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- User

BBPOS Chipper™ 2x Magstripe and EMV Chip Reader

IDTech Shuttle -MagStripe Reader

only for TSYS & FDC Nashville
For rest all others processor

*** This BBPOS EMV Chip Reader is only supported by TSYS and FDC Nashville processors on 

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Contact Merchant Support : 877.447.3938

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iPad Stand:

Use a stand that do not block any side Ports / Switches on iPad and fit more convenience to use all hardware attached while keeping iPad in landscape mode (Horizontal view screen) e.g. card swiper, charger, printer etc.

Example 1 > Recommended

Example 2 > Recommended

Example 3 >

Example 4 >

Example 5 >