This article demonstrates how you can get detailed check-in Reports of your events.

You can have a complete report of,

(A) Ticket and its Add-ons whether they are (Valid scan, Duplicate, Cancelled, or Invalidate scan).

(B) Scan By which user, including (Type of device used to scan, which type of ticket is scanned, whether the ticket is a Valid          scan, Duplicate, Cancelled, or Invalidate scan)

(C) Type of ticket scanned by, Time of scanning, Status (Valid scan, Duplicate, Cancelled, invalid scan), Name of the buyer, Order number, etc.

1. Login into your FEARTICKET Admin Account.


2. Select/Change an Event you wish to get the Check-In report for.

  All Events> Click to change the event. 

  Choose your event.

Once you select the Event, the Home page of the Admin Account will appear. 

To view the Check-In report of the selected Event, you need to click on "Check-In Status" under "Manage Attendees". This will display the Check-In report for the selected Event.

 3. To generate a Check-In report, you can select a timestamp from the "Date Range" field and specify the Ticket Type (either All or a specific event). Additionally, you can filter the report by Ticket Status (Scanned, Duplicate, Not Scanned, or Cancelled).

  It will show you the Check-In report between the selected time span.

   Once you select the timestamp make sure to Apply those changes and the SEARCH button.

(A) Check-in Stats

The below box represents the status of the ticket scan of your event.

  Below you'll see the scan detail of the ticket and its Add-on.

The image represents the breakdown of total tickets, including add-ons, based on their status: valid scan, duplicate, cancelled, and invalidated.

The "Scan By" information includes details such as the user who scanned the ticket, the device used for scanning, the type of ticket scanned, and whether the ticket is valid, duplicate, cancelled, or an invalidated scan.

(B) Ticket Scan Report
The ticket type information includes details such as the user name who scanned the ticket, the time of scanning, the status of the ticket (valid scan, duplicate, cancelled, or invalidated scan), the name of the buyer, and the order number.

Hovering your cursor over the "Refresh" symbol will display details of the ticket, including scan status, scanned date and time, scan user, and the name of the device used for scanning.