Scanning tickets has become a simple and efficient way to verify attendees at events. With just a few taps on your iPhone or Android Phone, you can effortlessly scan tickets and ensure a smooth entry process. By using the camera on your smartphone, you can quickly scan the QR code or barcode on the ticket, instantly verifying the attendee's information. This eliminates the need for manual ticket checks and reduces the risk of errors or fraudulent entries. Whether you have one entry point or multiple check-in points, managing the process is made easy with the ability to use multiple smartphones for scanning. This allows for a seamless and efficient check-in experience, ensuring that attendees can enter the event swiftly and enjoy their experience to the fullest.

FEARTICKET Organizer iOS app.

FEARTICKET Organizer Android app.

Once you have installed the FEARTICKET scanning app on your mobile device, follow the steps below to start using it:

  • Log in to the FEARTICKET organizer app using your new user credentials.
  • Select the event you want to manage.
  • Dashboard: Here, you can view the overall check-ins and scan details of the past 10 hours/days for the same device only.

  • Orders: This tab displays a list of orders. You can search for an order by Order number, Email, or by scanning the QR code.
  • Click on "Check-in" and then click on the QR code located at the top right of the screen.

When you click on the QR symbol, a list of tickets will appear. You must select the ticket type before you can scan the ticket.

If the ticket has already been selected, the camera screen will open automatically. You can either multi-select the tickets and add-ons or select a single ticket with or without add-ons.

You can also select tickets using the Settings menu. To do this, click on "Settings," then "Check-In Selection," and select the ticket and add-ons. Go back to the main screen after making your selection.

  •  Scan the ticket.

What if the QR code is not readable or damaged?

If the QR code is not readable or damaged, you can use the shortcode provided below the QR code of the ticket.

Type the shortcode into the search bar.

Once the ticket is scanned, the app will show you the status:

  • INVALID: The event has expired, or you have scanned the wrong ticket that doesn't belong to that event.

  • VALID: No issues, the participant can enjoy the show.

  • DUPLICATE: The ticket has already been scanned.

  • DATE/TIME MISMATCH: You have scanned the ticket before the assigned time. If you want to allow entry, tap "Yes," and the ticket will be marked as scanned if it is valid.

  • CANCELLED: The ticket or order has been cancelled by the event organizer.

  • Verification is required: The ticket or order has been restricted due to the expiration of the time slot or failure to scan the ticket within the allotted time range.

How to set up the verification required for particular order:

1. click on the Order tab from the side panel.

2. To view the details of your desired order, search for it and click on the "eye" icon in the Action column.

3. Turn on the switch of  "Manual Verification Required"  to activate verification of the order.

4. Scan the ticket from your device.

Note: - Important Points before using the FEARTICKET scanning app

  • Check-in Users, Box-Office Users, and Admins can scan the tickets. Click here to set up a Check-in User.
  • The scanning app settings are device-specific, so make sure to apply the scan settings on each device.
  • The Scanning App works based on the selection of tickets you want to scan.