3. Venue Address, City & Zip

Check your event’s venue address is entered correctly with the Zip code. This helps to get a location map accurately on your event page for visitors. You entered venue detail while creating an event for the first time. Venue can also be added once the event is created.

How to check the “Venue” information?

Click on the “Settings” menu located in the top right cornerRefer to the below image.

on the setting menu find and click on “Event Locations” as shown in the above image, it opens the “Event Locations ” listing page for all venues already entered in the system.

If need to edit venue info, on the right see the “ACTION” column and click on “(Edit Icon)” to go into edit mode for an event venue.

Once the edit is done, click on “Save” to save changes, and will take it back to the venue listing page.

Update venue on event information (See below)

Add Venue to Event Information?

 Click on “Event Info” from the main event menu for event information.

To add the event location, simply click on the 'Location' field, which is illustrated in the image below. and select the address of the event that you have added from the manage location page. 



Click on the ''SAVE"  button at the bottom of the page to save.


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