FEARTICKET Organizer is a specialized iOS/Android app exclusively for event organizers, empowering them to efficiently manage events, provide exceptional customer service, and access event-related information on mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. It offers comprehensive features for event setup, attendee management, ticket sales, payment processing, customer support, and data analytics.

Once installed on an iOS device it must require a Fear Ticket account credential to log in to the app, if you are looking to use this app but don't have an account then first visit www.fearticket.com and sign up for free to get a working login credential.

Key Features :

  • Interactive Event Dashboard
  •  Print Tickets & Receipt using a Thermal Printer
  •  Email PDF Tickets & Receipts
  •  View Detailed Orders Information
  • View device statistics
  • Setup Multiple iPad Terminals
  • Sell tickets with multiple payment types
  • Generate Orders & Box-Office Tickets
  • Scan Tickets to check-in Attendees
  • Real-time syncing with Web System
  • Single App works best on Mobile devices
  • User Access Control & security

Download the FEARTICKET Organizer app to sell tickets using cash or card payment, print tickets, check in attendees, access real-time sales data, and help your customers with orders.

Download the iOS app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fearticket-organizer/id1418490833

Download the Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fearticket


Check-list to setup on  Box-Office First Time on the Device:

Get all required hardware devices and software setup to get ready for Box Office Use. Below is the check-list to complete your Box-Office Eco System setup

FEARTICKET Organizer iOS app to set up using Mobile device(iPad/Tablet), Compatible Hardware, Stand & Payment Processing Merchant Account if using the card payment option.

Hardware Check-list :

1. Devices :

  • Any Apple devices running on iOS /iPad 14.0 or higher can be used to scan/sell tickets at the venue 
  • Any Android device running on OS 8 or above can be used to scan/sell tickets at the venue 

2. Device Connectivity:

    Internet Wi-Fi-enabled, Bluetooth, Lightning Port, or Audio Jack

3. Thermal Printer:

    Print tickets & Payment Receipt, Print width 3-inch, WiFi or Bluetooth Connectivity, STAR / EPSON Only

4. Card Readers:

    Get compatible & secure card readers from Card Connect / Authorize.net payment processor.

5. iPad Stand:

    A nice stand to keep an iPad without blocking any ports to use for connectivity.

6. Print Paper Roll:

    Standard Print Paper Roll  - 3 Inch (80 mm)  width to Print Tickets and payment Receipts.

Software Requirement:

1. Setup Box-office Payment Processor & System Users

2. FEARTICKET Organizer App on Mobile devices.


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