If you want to disable any date/timeslot to prevent buyers from purchasing tickets, you can use the option available in the Schedule. Additionally, you can enable the date/timeslot back by using the toggle view button to display the schedule again. This allows buyers to see and purchase tickets for that particular date/time slot.

Let us see how it works

Click on the "Schedule" option from the left side main event menu as shown in the below image.

Click on "Expand View" for the date title to view the time slots list. On each time slot, there is a "Toggle button" as shown below image, The default view is "Enable" which appears in green color. Disabled time slots or dates won't show up on ticket selling page (Event Page)

Schedule list view for timed ticketing event as shown below image:

It is very easy to Disable (OFF) or Enable (ON) the viewing with a "Toggle Button" of any specific time slots or specific dates for whatever reason.