Create multiple types combo tickets at an event level (Simple Event). Give your ticket buyer an attractive offer for your event ticketing. Let's see how to create combo tickets.

COMBO can be created if event schedule is setup as "Date Range" but NOT as "Time-Slot Schedule"

- Click on "Tickets & Add-on" under Manage Tickets from left side main event menu

- Click on "Advance Options" button on Manage Tickets page as shown in below image

- Time Ticketing Combo: You can create a Combo tickets of time ticketing schedule. The only condition is, all the tickets must have the same entire schedule.

- Simple Ticketing Combo: You can create a Combo tickets of any date range schedule tickets. The only condition is, all the tickets of the schedule must have the same schedule.

- Select the tickets to combine together from the list - Just to check the box for each ticket selection

- Click on "Save" to save selected combination of tickets, It add new row as new combo ticket

- Now, On combo ticket click on blank title bar to enter the "Combo Name"

- Find the Price on the same row, click to enter "Price" for the combo ticket offer

- Click on Additional Settings located at the bottom side to see More ticket option

- Add Description, Set selling duration, Quantity for single order, Selling Points and also Add-ons to combo ticket 

- Once done close ticket option window

- Click on "Save" to save the new combo ticket to the list

- Repeat the same steps for to create multiple types of combo tickets the way you want