Before ordering/buying Box Office hardware, Check all specifications, models, and brands to make sure it is 100% compatible work on the iOS app. Only compatible hardware to use for FEARTICKET Organizer is given below.

Thermal Printer Specification, Brand & Compatible Models

Print width:  3 1/8 inch (80 mm) width paper print

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or WLAN, Ethernet (LAN)

Brand:  STAR Micronics & EPSON   

Please note: Thermal printer popularly also known as "Receipt Printer" as well.

*Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Printers are highly recommended to use for convenient connectivity.

STAR Micronics:

Recommended Models:

STAR Model #
ConnectivityView Product / Order Online link
LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth
Star Micronics mC-Print3
Bluetooth, USB, Lightning, LAN, USB-C

(Also, can find other STAR thermal printers models using your own search for LAN, WLAN & Bluetooth options)


Recommended Models:

EPSON Model #
View Product / Order Online link
Bluetooth, LAN

(Also, can find other EPSON thermal printers models using your own search for Bluetooth, WLAN, and LAN connectivity options)


Recommended Models:

BOCA Models
View Product
Lemur Series
Serial, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

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