You must need own merchant account with Stripe, Square, Authorize.netCard Connect or PayPal to receive online ticketing payment as well to collect card payment for box-office ticketing using iOS Box-Office App.

It must require to integrate your payment processor merchant account with ticketing system to receive online card payment directly into your integrated merchant account. 

Each Payment Processor use own set of API / Secret Key, Merchant / Client ID or Transaction Key, so click above payment processor name to learn how to get this information from payment processor before reading this help further.

Just to follow below steps.

First, Keep ready with your respective merchant account credentials to enter into the system.

Login to your Fear Ticket Account first

Find and Click on "Payment Processing" from top "Settings" menu located on the top right as shown below

Now, just click your payment gateway button "Stripe", "Square", "CARD CONNECT"  or "AUTHORIZE.NET"  or "PAYPAL Basic"  "PAYPAL ADVANCE"

On the setup form - Give your own setup name along with merchant account information as require

Enter require information for your selected payment processor then click on "SAVE" button

You will see on page message that "Record is saved successfully" and can see the list of setup processor, 

Your merchant account is now integrated with ticketing system

Now TEST a Live Transaction :

Once setup is done, Do a live transaction test by placing a real order with minimum amount using real card 

Check test order card payment transaction into your merchant account to make sure you are receiving the payment successfully

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