Self-Insurance option gives you the ability to charge a small fee to your attendees to protect their purchase. If they are unable to attend your event for covered reasons, they can contact you and file a claim with their order number to receive a refund. You can always check if the order is insured or not. If the order is insured, you can cancel the order and process the refund.  

Self Insurance at a glance.

Let the ticket buyer decide, whether or not he/she wants to protect a purchase. You need to enable Self Insurance by following the below image. You have a choice either you want to set insurance Per Ticket or On Order. The insurance amount will be collected by you (as Event Organizer) and the amount will be deposited into your bank account. There is no direct or indirect involvement of FEARTICKET in the Self Insurance. Once someone raises the refund request, you can check, if the order or ticket is insured or not. Based on that you can entrain the refund request.

How it works?

  • Per Order: Insurance amount will be collected on whole order amount. It may be possible you want to collect a certain amount base on order amount, select applicable on "Per Order".
  • Per Ticket: You can assign the insurance amount applicable on certain tickets only.
  • Insurance Type: 
    • Insurance by %: Set the % of ticket amount you want to collect as insurance amount. You can also set the minimum insurance amount. If you set the minimum insurance amount, by calculating % amount of ticket, if it gets lower than the Minimum amount, then minimum amount will consider as insurance amount.
      i.e. Ticket amount is $20.00. Insurance is 10%. The insurance amount becomes $2.00.
      If you have set $5.00 minimum amount then, it will collect $5.00 instead of $2.00.

    • Insurance By $: It allows you want to collect the fix amount as insurance amount.

  • Description: Describe in detail how users can claim their insurance. What are the insurance coverages? What are the exemptions in claims? If the insurance is on certain tickets only, mention the ticket name in the descriptions so it can be easy and helpful at the time of claim.

Remember, The insurance amount will not be refunded to the attendee. The insurance amount is all yours and is additional revenue for you.