Ticketing rules help to create mix and match the rules that matter to you the most. You can create a personalized ruleset that aligns perfectly with your preferences. This ensures that every ticket you purchase meets your desired criteria. 

Selling tickets online may have combinations. Like Buy a child ticket if a parent ticket is in the cart or to complete the purchase one has to purchase the required ticket or to prevent the purchase some specific tickets are purchased in a single purchase.

FEARTICKET allows you to set these kinds of rules you can set to optimize ticket sales.

Set Of Rules

  • Must Buy: With this rule, the buyer has to add certain ticket types to the cart to complete the purchase.
    i.e. One has to purchase a General Admission ticket and Parking Pass in the order as the Parking Pass is a mandatory ticket to purchase.

  • Conditional buy: This rule is used when you want that one ticket to be dependent on other sets of tickets.
    i.e. To purchase Snacks & Barrages one has to purchase a General Admission or VIP Admission or other set of tickets. Here you do not want to sell Snacks & Barrages tickets all alone.

  • Can't Buy: Use this rule when you do not want the buyers to purchase tickets with some specific combinations.
    i.e. If someone has added General Admission & Cell Escape Ticket, it does not allow to add the VIP Admission ticket.


Please Note: You can create as many rules as you want, but make sure that the combination of all created rules cannot break the purchase.