Selling a tickets online may have combinations. Like Buy a child ticket if parent ticket in the cart or to complete the purchase one has to purchase the required ticket or to prevent the purchase in some specific ticket are purchased in a single purchase.

FEARTICKET allows you to set these kind of rules you can set to optimize the ticket sales.

Set Of Rules

  • Must Buy: With this rule, buyer has to add certain ticket types in the cart to complete the purchase.
    i.e. One has to purchase a General Admission ticket and Parking Pass in the order as the Parking Pass is mandatory ticket to purchase.

  • Conditional buy: This rule is used when you want that one ticket is dependent on other set of tickets.
    i.e. To purchase Snacks & Barrages one has to purchase a General Admission or VIP Admission or other set of tickets. Here you do not want to sell Snacks & Barrages ticket all alone.

  • Can't Buy: Use this rule when you do not want the buyers to purchase tickets with some specific combinations.
    i.e. If someone has added General Admission & Cell Escape Ticket, it not allow to add the VIP Admission ticket.

Please Note: You can create as many rules as you want, but make sure that the combination of all created rules cannot break the purchase.