It allows the people to join a waiting list to get notified once the tickets are available. Tickets can be available if the order get cancelled or the quantity increased.

Once the quantity increase by either way, one email will be shoot to all the waiting listed people. The ticket will be served based on first come first serve bases. If someone get late to purchase, can rejoin the waiting list. 

How to enable Waiting list?

Under the Manage Event section there there is an option "Waiting List". By default it is disabled. 

Once you enable, first option will be ticket selection for which you want to enable the ticket waiting list.

Select ticket: Select the tickets for which you want the people to join the wanting list.

Waiting List Size: The size of the waiting list is in percentage (%). The tickets which has the limited quantity, the % you set here, based on the 'join a waiting list' option will be shown. 

So is the ticket quantity is 100. if you set the 10% of the ticket list size. Once the 100 tickets sold, the 'Join Waiting List' will be visible. based on 10% of 100 quantity, 10 people can be join for certain ticket type.

Confirmation Email: Once a buyer join a waiting list, will get the notification email of confirmation. You can change the  Subject and the Email content of this email.

Notification Email: Once the quantity is available for any ticket type. A notification email will be shoot to all the email. You can change the  Subject and the Email content of this email.