Promote your ticketing by offering the discount the way wish. Ticketing system allows to add the discount to use for your ticket buyer.

Let's see how to add and use coupon code in the system.

Click on "Discount Coupon" from the left side event menu as shown in below image.

Now, Click on "button located on the top right on "Manage Discount Coupons" page to add discount code.

Now this is a Discount Coupon form to create new code as shown in below image

  • Add Discount Name, Code - where buyer will use to enter on order page before making the payment
  • Add Description for discount, Set minimum and maximum quantities
  • Set total usage
  • Discount value - set as amount or apply it as Percentage
  • Option to "Auto-Apply"
  • Set Validity Date range


  • Find option on the top right of the page:
  • Set discount code for specific event or tickets
  • Set condition combination "AND" or "OR" for dates and ticket types
  • Click on "SAVE" button located at the bottom of the page to save coupon code.

Test your code like a ticket buyer to see it works the way you want, if need any change go back to "Discount Coupon" from the event menu

Now you will see the listing for "Discount Coupons" click on "Edit" sign located under "Action" on the right side as shown in below image and you will be able to go in edit mode to make changes.

Once changes are done, Click on "SAVE" button to save changes and test it again

You may promote or share discount coupon code to your potential ticket buyer