This article provides a detailed discount usage report for a specific order. The report includes information such as the name of the coupon code, its usage, the price discounted with the coupon, revenue generated, whether it was applied online or at the box office, the status of the coupon (active or inactive), the number of remaining coupons, and whether it was applied to a ticket or the entire order.

1. Login into your FEARTICKET Admin Account 

   Event Dashboard>Reports>Discount Usage

2. Select timestamp (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Custom Date Range) to get a discount usage report.

Once you choose a specific timestamp, the system will display the corresponding data regarding discount usage.

Once you select the timestamp make sure to Apply those changes and press the Search Button.

3. The discount usage report has been generated and is now displayed on your screen.

   A. Usage of Coupon Code 

         This section provides an overview of the overall discount usage. 

The pie chart above illustrates the percentage of the discount coupons that have been used.

   B. Usage by Day

Here, you can view the usage of coupon codes on specific dates. 

The bar chart above displays the top ten days with the highest coupon usage, showing the date and corresponding amount.

C. Detailed Usage

     Detailed Usage: This section provides a detailed breakdown of coupon usage on specific orders. 


If desired, you can export the file to save it for future reference.