It allows you to manage your existing discount coupons code or you can add new if you want to.

Click on ADD NEW+ to add a new coupon.

Coupon Detail

>Enter Coupon Name

>Coupon Code

>Discount by percentage(%), Dollar($), or on a particular Addon.

>Enter the Discount Rate of Coupon

>Select Status ( Active/Inactive)

>Type Description of Coupon Code

Coupon Condition

>Enter the minimum and maximum quantity of coupon

>Total Use of coupon codes on order

>Set coupon validity 

Coupon Applicability

>Select Web/Box-office/Both to apply coupon.

>Select status of Auto Apply

>Select Applies to (All ticket types and dates/Custom)


* Select Custom if you want to apply coupon on selected tickets types and dates.

>Select Condition OR/AND

  OR Condition:- The coupon would be applied to any selected ticket.

  AND Condition:- If the number of selected tickets is more than two in such case coupon code would be applicable to those tickets.

>Select ticket

>Select Event Dates

Sharable URLS

Sharing the discounted URL is a general practice in Online Marketing. FEARTICKET allows to generate a sharable URLs of coupon code. You can create a QR Code from any online tools for in person marketing. 

Here you can see how to get the sharable URLs.