Now it becomes easy to setup your new event for a new season using “Clone Event” function to clone from any existing event setup in the system.

Once logged to your account go to “Account Level Dashboard” where list of all events displays with different columns.

Find the column “Clone Event” on the far right side as shown in below screenshot.  

Click on “Clone Icon” (for the event that you want clone) that opens Clone Event Window as shown in below screenshot.

Clone Event Window :

Follow on screen options as shown below:

Enter “New Event Title” for the new season (Example: can add word like “2018” to your existing event title)

Enter Domain - can be a new or can use existing while just adding one or more character to make it unique. or 

(Also, There is an additional option from the list check “Apply source domain” directly to use existing domain, systme adds few characters at the last to make it unique)

  • View other copy options as shown in above screenshot. if you want to copy then keep it checked or  do not want to copy then uncheck.
  • Once all good then click on “Copy Event” button
  • Hurray! A new event will be created using “Clone Event” functions.
  • Further check all info copied, edit or add more info as require.
  • You are done to make your new event live...