Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms. It helps to reach several people and the best platform to sell your event online. It also helps you track the behavior user. You can track the conversion by Facebook pixel. 

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel helps you to track ticket buyer activity. It also helps you to understand the behavior of the ticket purchase process. Generate the Pixel code from your Facebook account. Goto Conversion Tracking. Set the Pixel code (usually 15-16 characters). You can get more info to generate the Pixel Code click here. 

Facebook Domain Verification

Facebook has made it mandatory to verify the domain from which you want to get the conversion tracking data. You need to verify the domain from your own Facebook Business account. To know more about the domain verification process, click here. 

There are multiple options to verify the domain. FEARTICKET allows verifying domain through the metatag option. Copy the metatag from your FB business account. it look like <meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" />. You only need to set the content value (but not the whole metatag) as highlighted in green text. Copy that content code and paste into the domain verification code and save it. Now you can verify the domain from your Facebook business account. It may take about 15 min. to 30 min. to verify the domain. 

Please Note: Facebook currently allows to verify the domain only. However, it may possible you face some hurdles as your event URL is sub-domain in FEARTICKET and considered a third-party website. Click here for more info.