Once you are done with Box Office Hardware setup and Payment Processor setup (Click Here for Setup Video), You are good to go for Box Office ticket Sell.

1. Login into the FEARTICKET organizer app with your new user credentials using an iPad or iPhone.
    * We highly recommend using the iPad to sell tickets with great ease. 

2. Select the event of your choice.


      It will show you the Total Sales and Total Orders with your device and the overall sales of the selected ticket.

  • SELL
    Here you will have the list of all the tickets that are set to sell at Box-Office.

  • Add the tickets and click PURCHASE at the bottom of the screen and you will have below the screen.

  • Here you will have the overall order amount, discount, and service fees (if applicable).
    You can also apply the Coupon Code from the bottom of the screen.


    You can have several options to make a payment.

    Cash: In case you want to collect the cash simply tap Cash, enter the tender amount and complete the order.

    Card Offline: In case you are using other card swipers that are not integrated with the FT Organizer app, you can simply add the last 4 Digits of the Card and other information and complete the order.
         *Please note:- The card will not be charged.

    Check: In case you want to accept the Check Payment, simply tap a check add the required information and place the order.

    Card: Based on the Box Office payment settings you will be asked to swipe/tap a card through the attached card readers.
    Follow the below links for more information about the Square and CardConnect card reader.

        Payment Using SQUARE
        Payment Using CardConnect

    Order Complete

    Once the order is complete, you can print or Email the tickets to the respective attendees. 

    *Click CHECK-IN ALL if you want to give attendees access right on the spot. 

    Here you can see all the orders of the event. You can also search the orders by Order#, Email, Buyer Name, or even by scanning the QR Code of the ticket.
    Once you select the order, you will have the details of that order where you can Print the Receipt, Print the Ticket, Email the Order with tickets or even cancel the order as well.

  • Report
    In this section, you can have reports of the current device's activity.


    Sell Report: You can have a report of how much sell has been done from this device.
    Scan Report: As Box Office, you also can scan the tickets, You can have the scan report of how many tickets are scanned through this device.