Click here for help on > View Order Report before going into order detail.

Now, Let us see order details

On order reports page, once clicking on "View Order"  located under "Action" column right side on each order line. 

It opens "Order Details" as shown in below image.

Resend tickets and order email from order detail, if require correct / change buyer email ID before re-sending tickets with order email.

As shown in above screen there are options to use as written in red text.

- Click on "Edit" button to correct, update or change "Buyer's Email ID" 

- Click on "+" to view detailed ticket information

- Click on "Download" to download ticket in PDF

- Click on "Resend Order Email" from the top right to resend the tickets with order email

- Click on "Cancellation / Refund" to cancel order and issue refund

- Click on "Back to Order" to go back on "Order Report" page

Tips: Using "Edit" email ID is useful option in a case where buyer did not receive Tickets and order email at a time when they purchased their tickets online. so before re-sending tickets and this option is helpful to correct buyer's email ID.

Cancel / Refund :

Click "Cancellation/Refund" button located on the top right as shown in above image.

Click here for detailed help for > Order Cancellation and Refund