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On order detail, once clicking on "Cancellation / Refund" button takes to "Order Refund" options as shown in below image.

Full Order Refund :

By default, cancellation as Full Refund, just click on "Refund" button at the bottom as shown in below screen to issue full order refund.


Partial Refund :

Click on tab "Cancel some tickets or issue a partial refund" as shown in above screen to cancel specific tickets and issue partial refund. It will enable options as shown in below image.

Now, as shown in above screen is for an order with total "Five" tickets and Total order Amount $10.

See the column "Amount to refund" on the right side. Just check the box for each ticket to cancel and to add amount as refund amount, here it is $2 for this ticket. So checking the box for each ticket will add the refund amount.

Also, Can enter free amount in the box "Partial Amount to Refund" so for this order free amount entered is "$2" as shown in above image.

Partial refund amount is $4 for this order. Now click on "Refund" button at the bottom once sure about amount to refund.

Refund will be processed as partial refund.

(Note : Partial refund only possible once transaction is settled at payment gateway)