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On order detail, once clicking on the "Cancel / Refund Order" button takes to the "Order Refund" option as shown in the below image.

Here, the Cancel / Refund Order page is shown like this which includes 2 options to cancel or refund the order

  • Full Order Refund

This option means that the customer will receive a complete refund for their entire order. This is usually offered when there is a significant issue with the product or service, such as a major defect or failure to meet expectations. The customer will be reimbursed for the full amount they paid. 

To expand the details of the full order refund, please select the corresponding button as shown in the image


The full order refund typically involves three options:

Cancel Only: This option is applicable when a buyer is behaving inappropriately or causing disruptions at the event. In such cases, the order can be cancelled without providing a refund.

Refund Only: This option is suitable when a customer is dissatisfied with the service provided. The customer receives a refund for their order, but you still want to maintain a relationship with them, you can issue a refund without cancelling the order.

Cancel & Refund: This option is used when there is a genuine reason for cancelling the order, such as product unavailability, shipping issues, or other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the customer's order is cancelled, and a full refund is issued.

  • Partial Order Refund

A partial refund refers to a situation where a customer receives a refund for only a portion of the total amount they paid for a product or service. It means that instead of refunding the entire purchase amount, a partial refund is issued to the customer for a specific item, service, or portion of the order.

This can occur when a customer wants to return or cancel only a part of their order, such as one item out of several, or when there is a valid reason to refund only a portion of the payment, such as a discount or a refund for a defective component.

To expand the details of the partial order refund, please select the corresponding button as shown in the image.

Now, as shown in the above screen is for an order with a total of 2 tickets and a Total order Amount of $27.

See the column "Cancel / Refund Ticket" on the right side. Just check the box for each ticket that you want to cancel and add the amount as a refund amount, Here it is $3 for this ticket. 

you have the option to enter a custom amount for adjustment in the "Custom Amount For Adjustment" box, where $10 has been entered for this order as shown in the screenshot.

The partial refund amount for this order is $13. Once you are certain about the refund amount, you can click on the "Cancel Only", "Refund Only" or "Cancel / Refund" buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The refund will be processed as a partial refund.

Note: Partial refund is only possible once the transaction is settled at the payment gateway.