How to view order report for selected event.

Click on "Orders" located under "Manage Attendees" from the left side event menu as shown in below image. 

It will open "Order Report" page for your current event.

This "Order Report" page shows all order listing by default as shown in below image :

Search specific orders from the default report by :

- Buyer's First Name, Last Name

- Order # (Number) or Buyer's Email ID

- Order Status > select as "Cancelled" or "Completed"

- Order Type > Select as "Online" or "Box Office"

- Order Dates Range > Enter Start date and End Date

Click on "Search" button, once selecting any above search options or combination of multiple search option.

Now, if any orders matching within search criteria then dafault order list will be reloaded with filtered order list.

Click on "View" icon as shown in below image that located on the far right side to view order details

Clicking on "View" icon will show order details.


Click here for help on > View Order and Resend Tickets with order email